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Concrete Restoration

Akouri’s Consulting Engineers performed countless of concrete restoration engineering  projects for more than 20 years servicing Miami, Broward, and Palm Beach.

ACE has earned an exceptional reputation for identifying compromised structures and providing clients with the highest quality structural design repair services available in the market.

South Florida was built with a great amount of high-rise and multistory buildings near the ocean and inland. A great portion of them were built around 30-40 years ago or more. With the moist and salty environment, structural integrity of structural components of the buildings may become compromised and sadly a concrete restoration is needed to prolong the life of the building.  In all cases the news may become overwhelming and stressful for the owners.  However, with proper inspection, design and planing, the process of restoring the building can be less uncontrollable.

ACE provides structural design, specifications, and bid package for repairing and strengthening failed structures. Concrete restoration bid package that consists of the following:

  • Contract Agreement
  • Concrete restoration manual
  • Concrete Column and Beam design
  • Construction details
  • Contractor bid package
  • Construction plans and shop drawings
  • And more

We are experienced in designing reinforced concrete slabs, concrete columns and beams, concrete cement mix, post-tension and much more.

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