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Forensic Engineering

ACE’s forensic engineer provides forensic engineering consulting services for over 20 years in Miami Dade, Broward, and Palm Beach Counties.

ACE’s forensic engineer identifies the root cause and contributing factors to a structural or building component failure in the area of foundations, plumbing, roofing, concrete structures, wood structures, metal structures,  mechanical, and building sciences.

ACE  provides the best combination of experience and customer care available in the industry.  Insurance adjusters, Attorneys, Property Managers, contractors, building owners, and investors rely on our professional help. Projects are scheduled promptly and reports are issued within a 2-week deadline from the date of inspection. Competitive pricing meets our clients’ budget requirements.

Forensic Engineers at ACE perform design analyses, investigate problems, identify sources, and assess failures and determine extent of damages. Contact ACE today for fast and concise failure determination.

ACE’s Forensic Engineering Specialists utilize modern equipment to analyze site conditions in an effort to produce clear, concise reports, incorporating current scientific research. ACE saves time and money by quickly determining the cause of your problem. Accurate determination of your failure is essential to a suitable resolution.

For twenty years, Akouri Consulting Engineers has served in distinguished and diverse disciplines in South Florida and conducts research in the field as well. Our diverse Engineering and expert witness experience translates to value to your claim.

Akouri Consulting Engineers is the pioneer and the exclusive company that supports their opinions with testing, laboratory verification, public records, and field measurements. Our 20,000 square feet of warehouse space including all the available equipment  for research and testing.

As a professional society dedicated to the application of science to the law, ACE is committed to the promotion of education and the elevation of accuracy, precision, and specificity in the forensic sciences. It does so via the training, study, research, our annual scientific meeting with other engineers, manufacturers, contractors, etc. and most importantly is the private testing we conduct on specific products in our facility in Opa-Locka Miami.

Our next meeting is held in June, this year we will construct flat decks with perimeter walls and penetrations and waterproof it with different material to be tested, discussed, and documented. We will be applying 4000 psi water pressure on penetrations, flashing and observe performance.

If you are looking for a Forensic engineer,  Forensic science, Forensic Roofing, Forensic structural, Forensic waterproofing, Forensic Elevators, Forensic Electrical, Forensic Mechanical please contact our office for a free consultation to discuss your project.

ACE provided engineering services to the following Insurance Companies:

  • Main Street America
  • American Coastal Insurance
  • Aspen Specialty Insurance
  • Certain Underwriters at Lloyd’s London
  • Florida Family Insurance
  • American Colonial Insurance
  • Anchor Insurance
  • Bankers Insurance Company
  • Capitol Preferred Insurance
  • Chubb & Son
  • Citizens Property Insurance
  • Federated National Insurance
  • Florida Farm Bureau
  • Heritage Insurance Company
  • Homeowners Choice Insurance
  • North American Risk Services, Inc.
  • Olympus Insurance Company
  • People’s Trust Insurance Company
  • Prepared Insurance Company
  • Safepoint Insurance Company
  • Sawgrass Mutual Insurance Company
  • Southern Fidelity Insurance Company
  • State Farm Fire Claims
  • Tower Hill Insurance Group
  • United Property & Casualty Insurance
  • Universal Insurance Co. of North
  • Universal Insurance Holdings of North America

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