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Remodeling and New Construction Plans

Akouri Consulting Engineers has been delivering remodeling and new construction plans for more than 20 years in Miami Dade and Broward Countries.

We have produced over the course of 20 years numerous remodeling and new construction plans including modern homes new construction, building additions (bathroom, bedrooms, converting garage or carport into the living space), remodeling of the kitchen and bathroom in the single homes and condominiums, and many other projects. We have produced numerous new construction full set of plans for residential homes (traditional and modern design) and commercial buildings including warehouses, apartment buildings, office building, and more.

Our company is well known in all local Building Departments and we know what a plan reviewer wants. ACE’s  20 years experience saves our customers time  during the design and review process, that makes plans processing less stressful.

ACE also helped our clients to address many building violations that have been cited on the property by the local cities. For example: renovations, building additions, bathroom and kitchen remodeling, and many other projects completed without obtaining building permits. Our engineers review every project thoroughly and find the solutions to correct the building violations.

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