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Roofing Design

We provide comprehensive roof condition analysis, roof repair & replacement design specifications for all types of roof systems in Miami-Dade, Broward, and Palm Beach Counties.

We have evaluated in excess of 250,000,000 square feet of roof area on over 12,000 projects.  With more than 10 years of experience in the roof consulting industry, ACE have a proven track record of providing our clients with quality service (design and inspection) and personal attention.

  • We prepare a roofing bid package that consists of the following:
  • Contract Agreement
  • Specifications
  • Design
  • Construction Details

ACE have extensive experience in the following:

– Roof Installation and heat flow basics
– Roof Decks and Drainage
– Moisture Behavior and Condensation Control in Roofing
– Built Up Roofing (BUR)
– Roof System Surfacings
– Polymer Modified Bitumens
– Single Ply Roofing, Polyurethane Foam Roofing, and PMR Systems
– Fluid Applied Membranes
– Wind and Fire Characteristics
– Roof Flashing Design and Problems
– Roof Surveys
– Life Cycle Costs
– Steep Roofing
– Metal Roofing Principles and much more…

The cost of workers compensation for roofing companies is as high as Eiffel Tower. Roof systems installed by roofing companies in Florida are installed by contractors trying to save on the workers compensation and in this process inexperienced workers are retained to work on you roof. These workers must be supervised during the entire work day in order to ensure proper installation. These  inexperienced workers have no knowledge about roof types, different roof systems, waterproofing products, roofing supplies, affordable roofing, installing proper flashing, and detailing   roof penetrations, and the licensed roofer is never on the roof for training and supervision. Therefore, you need a roofing consultant,  a roofing engineer, a roof expert, a roofer designer, a qualified company providing roofing services, and a qualified company providing roofing certification and/or licensed roofing engineers, a company providing after fact roofing permit.

I have served clients that have previously replaced their roof system three (3) times and every time,  it was replaced incorrectly and resulted in a lawsuit. As a roof consultant and/or roof engineer I had to communicate with workers trying to explain the code and what is required.

We have performed roof inspections as roofing consultants for the past twenty years and we have not observed any improvement in the roofing industry in South Florida.  If the roofer performs poor quality work with poorly trained workers and the Owner is trying to save money on the roof inspections by roofing engineer and/or a qualified roofing consultant, then most likely your roof system will not be installed correctly, and will not survive the warranty period, and good luck if the Contractor will stay in business during the entire warranty period.

Hire a licensed  engineer that is experienced and trained  to design a roof system and to inspect every step of the roof system installation.

Call us –  we are the expert roofer,  we know every roofer, and we can assist you with an after fact permit, remodeling without a building permit, addition without a building permit, roofing work without a building permit, any roof building violation you may have, any illegal structure that was built and requires a roofing inspection, roofing repair, roofing certification.

We are the roofers, the  engineers, the roofer consultants, the roofer experts, and the roofer designers.  Please call us, we can inspect your roof, design your roof, and guaranty that your roof will never leak and will last as long as it suppose to last.

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