40 Years Recertification Miami Dade & Broward

40 Years Recertification Miami Dade & Broward

40 Years Recertification Miami Dade & Broward

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Why did I receive 40 Years Recertification notice? What are my next steps? Do you offer both structural and electrical inspections?

We hear these questions every day from many owners who have not heard about this requirement yet. And the reason is their buildings haven’t reached the magic age until they see the notice. For the majority of the cases, real estate properties are a big investments and most of the owners make sure they protect it and take really good care of it. But there are always unfortunate exceptions, and that is why Counties do not want to take the chance. Safety is the priority of this inspection!

Inspection Process

So lets dive in into the details to learn more about 40 or 50 Years Inspection or some call it 40/50 Years Recertification. The building must turn 40th Birthday and then Miami Dade and Broward Counties get an alert in their database that the time has come to inspect the building. The inspection ensures that even its aging but still being maintained properly and can stand still for many years to come. Following 40 years, the same inspection will be required to be performed every 10 years. As simple as that.

So when the engineer shows up, the main goal is to make sure the building is safe structurally and electrically. For that reason, the main structural components inspected are beams, columns, roof framing, floors, balconies, condition of the concrete, and many other (the form is really long). Electrical inspection includes the condition of the panel, receptacles, ground wiring, mechanical and plumbing equipment, fire alarm, elevator equipment, and all electrically relevant components (same long list).

Buildings that are exempt

In Miami Dade the buildings that are less than 2000 square feet and in Broward – 3500 square feet do not need to comply with 40/50 years recertification requirement. In addition, schools and buildings built on Reservations are also exempt.

Timeframe to comply

Once the letter has been received there is not much time to think. It is only 90 days given to hire a professional engineer or architect, inspect the building, and submit safety report. However, in the event when the repairs are necessary, the owner has 180 days from the date of the report to correct the outlines deficiencies. Again, the program is all about life safety!!!

More Questions?

Still have more questions and would like to discuss it deeper? Akouri Consulting Engineers has been specializing in 40 years inspections and recertification for over 12 years with an excellent reputation in all Building Departments.