Civil, Drainage & Environmental

Civil, Drainage & Environmental

Civil, Drainage & Environmental

Civil Engineers at Akouri Consulting provide civil, drainage, & environmental design and calculations. We serve commercial and residential buildings in Miami Dade and Fort Lauderdale areas in South Florida.

ACE produced paving, water, sewer, drainage design and drawings, as well as  Environmental Phase 1 & 2 Site Assessment. Our prices are of reasonable budget. The  civil design plans are incidental to the complete construction plans.

Civil engineering, drainage, & environmental services include:

  • Planning: due diligence study, concept site plan, site/master plan, and preliminary and final plats.

  • Construction Plans: grading plan, paving/street plan, drainage plan, water & sewer plans, landscape plan, and erosion control plan.

  • Water Treatment/Distribution Systems: water system modeling, water system master plans, water treatment plants, pumping stations, well sites, and elevated and ground storage tanks.

  • Waste water Collection Systems: waste water system modeling, wastewater system master plans, wastewater treatment plants, and lift stations.

  • Drainage/Storm Sewer Systems: drainage system modeling, drainage system master plans, hydraulic/hydrologic analysis, storm sewer system design, detention/retention pond design, flood plain analysis, and flood plain management.

  • Transportation Systems: highway/street/road design, traffic generation analysis, TXDOT access permits, traffic control plans, striping, marking and signage plans, route studies, and parking lot design.

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