Verify License

Akouri Consulting Engineers recommends that you follow the following steps to select the right Engineer for your project:

Verify Licensing information by visiting the following site:
– Select Verify A License
– Select Search by “Name”
– Type “Last Name” and “First Name” and Select “Search”
You should be looking at the following:
– Licensure date (original date of license)
– View License Complaint

Verify company registration by visiting the following site:
– Type the name of the Company
– Verify registration

Verify Worker’s Compensation by visiting the following site:
– Select “Database” from the left menu
– Select Proof of Coverage Database
– Type the Employer Name
– Verify Worker’s Compensation Coverage

Verify insurance requirements:
Most engineers in the state of Florida do not carry a Professional Liability insurance as it is not required, the same as many doctors. However, make sure you retain engineers that are covered by a good Professional Liability policy in addition to General Liability and Worker’s Compensation.

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