Concrete Restoration Engineering

Concrete Restoration Engineering

Concrete Restoration Engineering

Akouri’s Consulting Engineers performed countless of concrete restoration engineering  projects. We have been  25+ years in business servicing Miami Dade and Fort Lauderdale (Broward) areas in South Florida.

Why to Hire Akouri Consulting?

ACE has earned an exceptional reputation for identifying compromised structures and providing the highest quality structural design repair available in the market.

Concrete Spalling Expert

South Florida was built with a great amount of high-rise and multistory buildings near the ocean and inland. A great portion of them are 30-40 years old. Moist and salty environment compromises the structural integrity of the building components. As a result, spalling starts to surface in the forms of cracks and rebar bleeding on the columns, beams, or balconies.  Additionally, many of high rise buildings were built with post-tensioned and pre-tensioned members which are challenging to repair if spalling occurred. The repair of compromised post-tensioned and pre-tensioned structures requires experience and skills beyond design standards and references.

Bid Package & Design

Sadly, a concrete restoration is needed to prolong the life of the building.  In all cases the news may become overwhelming and stressful for the owners.  However, with a thorough inspection as well as innovative design and planning, the process of restoring the building can be less uncontrollable.

ACE provides structural design, specifications, and bid package. It includes repairing and strengthening failed structures. Our concrete restoration bid package consists of the following:

  • Contract agreement customized towards concrete restoration.

  • Construction plans, specifications, and shop drawings adapted towards structural repair for conventionally reinforced members, post-tensioned members, and pre-tensioned members.

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