Phase 1 & 2 Environmental Site Assessment

Phase 1 & 2 Environmental Site Assessment

Phase 1 & 2 Environmental Site Assessment

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We provide full Phase 1 and 2 Environmental Site Assessment In Miami Dade and Fort Lauderdale areas in South Florida.

Phase I

A Phase 1 and 2 Environmental Site Assessment is the gold standard for evaluating the environmental liability associated with a real estate asset. Phase I assessment include:

  • Performance of an on-site visit to view present conditions (chemical spill residue);

  • Hazardous substances or petroleum products usage (presence of above ground or underground storage tanks, storage of acids, etc.);

  • Evaluate any likely environmentally hazardous site history;

  • Evaluation of risks of neighboring properties upon the subject property;

  • Review of Federal, State, Local and Tribal Records specified by the ASTM 1528 and AAI Standards;

  • Interview of persons knowledgeable regarding the property history;

  • Examine municipal or county planning files to check prior land usage and permits granted;

  • Conduct file searches with public agencies (State water board, fire department, county health department, etc.);

  • Examine historic aerial photography of the vicinity;

  • Examine current USGS maps to scrutinize drainage patterns and topography; and

  • Examine chain-of-title for Environmental Liens and/or Activity and Land Use Limitations (AULs).

Phase II

ACE provides full Phase II Assessment package which identifies a report that usually contains the analysis of soil or water samples by a qualified laboratory for the concentration of known hazardous substances.

Why do i need to perform Phase II Assessment?

Banks are often more strict than government agencies on certain environmental issues, and a simple refinancing may involve a lender or an underwriter’s requirement for such a test on commercial property. An owner may also voluntarily order a report for due diligence based on advice or suspicion that a nearby activity may have affected his or her property.

Our Phase II services include:

  • Soil sampling and soil gas surveys

  • Surface water and sediment sampling

  • Groundwater sampling

  • Hydrogeologic interpretation and analysis

  • Asbestos and lead paint sampling

  • Hazardous materials and radon gas sampling

  • Building materials testing

  • Evaluation of areas of environmental concern

  • Remedial action plans and remedial cost estimates

  • Compliance with the American Society of Testing Materials                Standard (ASTM 1903)

  • Underground storage tanks

Prior existence of a hazard condition on property will affect the current value.  Phase 1 careful checking may find no hazard or a simple cleanup. Success with no further action is usually the result of thoughtful planning and intelligent action.

Call us for Phase  and Phase 2 Environmental Assessments and we guarantee competitive price and quality service.

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