Electrical Engineer Design Calculations & Plans

Electrical Engineer Design Calculations & Plans

Electrical Engineer Design Calculations & Plans

Akouri Consulting Engineers Additional Services

We are highly experienced electrical engineers specializing in mid-rise and high-rise buildings. We provide in-house electrical engineering designs, which are incidental to the full construction documents. These services cater to both remodeling and new construction plans in Miami, Hollywood, Fort Lauderdale, West Palm Beach and surrounding cities within Miami-Dade County, Broward County, and Palm Beach County Florida.

The electrical engineering design consists of either new construction or site visit to establish as-built blue prints in order to produce electrical engineering design for remodeling and additions. We designed electrical system for mid-rise and high-rise residential and commercial projects for over 25 years. Our in-house team is capable of providing this service in a continuous and expeditious manner. Our electrical engineering services include but not limited to the following:

  1. We will immediately report to your site and establish an as-built electrical plan.

  2. We will address your existing violations, repairs, design, addition, and new construction.

  3. Produce a full set of electrical plans and specifications that are biddable and practical.

  4. Our electrical engineers are equipped with excellent knowledge in electrical design and hands-on experience and we have worked with Architects, Contractors, Developers, and we have our finger prints on buildings throughout  Miami Dade County and Broward County in Florida.

The electrical design by our electrical engineers is provided to owners, contractors, and architects. Our electrical engineers are capable of performing electrical destructive inspection to diagnose and investigate an existing electrical system regardless of the size or complexity.

Akouri’s electrical engineers work with utilities, building power systems and security systems prepare electrical design documents to create solutions for your project. We provide electrical design for building power, emergency power, standby/emergency generator systems, uninterruptible power systems, site distribution, grounding systems, utility coordination,  control systems, safety/security system design, surge/lightning protection systems, fire detection & alarm systems,  Electromagnetic Interference (EMI) shielding system design, communications systems design, load studies, planning, property condition & due diligence surveys, quality control, radio frequency isolation surge & transient voltage protection, traffic signalization, and construction observation.

Our electrical engineering and consulting services focus on understanding your requirements and setting strategies for your power system to satisfy your business needs. Our engineers and consultants can help diagnose problems, identify ways to improve performance, or transform concepts into flexible, practical solutions that can lead to better productivity and capital utilization.

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